girl sailor//the shins + sea legs// the shins

i’ve been thinking a lot college, i mean, i’m a junior and we find out about our college advisors in just a few days. crazy boarding school kids are always super competitive and nosey about the whole process and i’m REALLY not into that. i’m really stuck between totally wanting to stay in new england, and just got to a NESCAC school, which i feel like a  product of nurture rather than nature. i’m totally ok with that because its part of who i am now, but part of me, the nature part i think, wants to just get the hell out of dodge and go west or abroad or anywhere really. the problem is that i love both the nature and nurture parts of me and im really afraid to choose between them. i think its time to let the nature part take the lead. finally do something for myself. 
p.s on the bright side, the writing block is one step closer to becoming a real club again!!

***flawless//beyoncé (ft. chimamanda ngozi adichi)

its been a shitty day, just one of those ugh ones, you know? i’ve been listening to beyoncé non stop to try and improve my mood, and its been helping. my usual indie playlists serve me well, but today wasn’t their day. i’m super stoked though because i’m going to be the editor of the writing block (!!!), and i’m just really excited to be finally doing something i’m really interested in.